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Relaxing and Therapeutic

Amy S. says: I have been a client of Jackie's for seven years. She has helped me tremendously with my back, neck and feet issues. She has used a variety of techniques to achieve good results. I no longer have plantar fasciitis or migraine headaches. Inner Balance is both relaxing and therapeutic

Runner Relief

Jeff S. says: I am a runner who regularly visits Jackie. She is hands down the best massage therapist I've visited. The therapeutic massage reduces my recovery time and she senses and addresses my trouble spots. I highly recommend her.

Thoroughly Excellent!!

Phyllis R. says: I’m currently going to massage school and I went to Jackie for a massage and some assistance on my technique. The first time I walked in I was impressed. The atmosphere of Jackie’s business put me in a relaxing mood & calmed me down. Jackie is very knowledgeable & professional. She has built my confidence so that I could be a good Massage Therapist. Thank you Jackie for believing in me and giving a great massage. Phyllis

Thorough and Excellent!

Dick J. says: I have been a client of Jackie's for over two years now and I am very impressed with her skill, professionalism and knowledge of her craft. The office and therapy rooms are extremely comforting, peaceful and outrageously clean! I am involved with rigorous total body workouts at a local fitness center three times a week and I see Jackie once a month for deep muscle therapy, which is truly helpful. A visit to Jackie is one thing I do for myself and well worth it! She is extremely proficient in her discipline. Keep up the good work, Jackie!

Thank You

Roger P. says: I can say now that I have been seeing Jackie for years. I continue to be dazzled by both her talent and professionalism. I am honored to be the recipient of such effort! Thank you Jackie's hands! Thank you Inner Balance!

Consistently Great

Jeff S. says: You can always expect a great massage from Jackie. She puts in the extra effort and detail that sets her apart. Schedule a massage with Jackie with confidence.


Sharon M. says: Jackie did a wonderful job on my upper back, shoulders and neck. I felt very relaxed after the treatment. I felt very loose the next day. Thanks again to her for her wonderful work! Sharon

Best Massage I've Ever Had

Nicole B. says: Jackie did a wonderful job making me feel comfortable and relaxed. I woke up with no pain in my back/shoulder like previous massages I've had. I will definitely be going back and am already starting to refer my friends.

The Answer At Last

LINDA C. says: I think I have found the reason for my overall painful body....or should I say that Jackie found it. I am very much looking forward to feeling better every week.

Just What I Needed

Tamara D. says: Jackie did an amazing job working out all the stress and junk I had built up in my system. She was also very good at explaining what she had and where my problem areas were. Turns out I need a couple of adjustments as well so she recommended a chiropractor for me. I will def. be going back. Thanks Jackie!


Nancy C. says: Jackie's relaxed manner and professional attitude was refreshing. She has an understanding of the chemical balance of the body as well as the muscular/skeletal knowledge needed for a therapeutic massage. I have my next appointment scheduled!


Roger P. says: Very professional and understanding. Being well trained and sensitive to my personal needs, Jackie is able to relieve much of my stress and chronic pain related to degenerative disease. She is clear with her future treatment plans and delivers what she promises. The environment of Inner Balance is extremely clean and comforting and they are very considerate of my privacy needs. I have only good things to say about Inner Balance.

Hurts So Good...

Cara R. says: Jackie is a master at at making me feel the pain of feeling good! From the incredible relief of my chronic sinus pain to the minor adjustments of various joints, I am able to feel great between my monthly appointments. I would never have believed someone if they had told me that I could get relief from my nearly constant sinus pain from simple pressure applied to certain areas of my face, scalp, neck and shoulders but I believe wholeheartedly now! I also believe in the "raindrop technique", I have been exposed to, and escaped having, multiple colds for nearly two years; including during a time of great stress and my spouse having had a couple of horrendous colds during this period. I cannot imagine not using Jackie and her wonderful services to keep me feeling my absolute best! Thanks so much!


Peggy L. says: The massage was totally AWESOME!! There is no other way to describe it. Way better than I was ever expecting. Jackie, you are SUPER!!! I can't wait to schedule another appointment. I would highly recommend Inner Balance to all my friends and family.


Corky I. says: My experience was amazing. I felt totally comfortable and satisfied with the amount of knowledge and expertise that Jackie displayed. I've had massages before where I walked away in so much pain that for three days I couldn't move and I've also walked away feeling like the whole hour was wasted. But Jackie not only performed a very satisfying treatment, she was such a caring person I felt I walked away with a new friend. She adjusted joints that were off balance and a lot of my former pain is gone. She dealt with my fibromyalgia with much care and individual treatment application. I would 100% recommend Inner Balance to my friends and family.

Another Excellent Massage

Jen S. says: Jackie, You were 100% spot-on in your assessment and treatment of my shoulder blade yesterday! I woke up this morning with virtually no pain. The gwasha (sp?) technique did the trick. Thanks again!

Professional, Clean and Relaxing!

Melissa G. says: Jackie was terrific and gave amazing post-massage instructions specific to my needs. The Inner Balance office and massage rooms are clean, private, and comfortable. I would recommend Jackie and Inner Balance services to anyone looking for a great relaxing massage.


Sharon J. says: I have been going to Jackie for over 3 years after getting no relief from many weeks of physical therapy for severe back and neck pain. After spending many years on various pain remedies, I am finally pill free and look forward to every visit. Inner Balance is very clean,comfortable and professional in all aspects. Jackie is both informative and provides clear expectations as the treatments progress. I have provided gift certificates to family members who have thoroughly enjoyed their visit. I highly recommend Inner Balance for your therapeutic needs.


Cheryl W. says: The Inner Balance is very professional in a most relaxing atmosphere. Instantly upon entering, you can feel the tension in your body slowing start to melt away, as though you have walked into another world. Jackie is a caring professional who has helped me through the healing process of falling on the ice, through my workouts at a fitness center and helping me cope & handle the daily stress of my profession. Very informative as to what she is going to do during the message and after the message relating to you what she has found and what course of treatment message she is going to do. Would I recommend Jackie and the Inner Balance......YES!!

Thank You To My Clients


I would like to thank every one of my valued clients for taking the time to submit their comments. I really do value each one of you and thank you for helping someone else find their way to Inner Balance! Jackie