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Are You Buying a Spa Massage Gift Certificate this Holiday Season? Read This Before You Do!


Spa Massage – 3 Reasons Why You May Not Want One!

November 15, 2011 By RPM-Therapy

Reason #1) Therapist Experience:

Yes, if you are in pain and are looking for a massage session with an inexperienced newly graduated massage therapist, that will just frustrate you or the person you are buying it for.

Spas and 5 star hotels love to hire these newly graduated inexperienced therapists so that they can train them on their “spa culture.” These massage therapists lack experience and are uncomfortable doing anything deep for the fear of hurting you.

No, not if you are looking to have a massage therapist who does understand muscle imbalances and knows how pain can inhibit muscle function. No, not if you want a therapist who knows your muscle anatomy, pain patterns, postural dysfunctions such as (upper and lower crossed syndromes). No, not if you want a therapist who knows how poor posture can cause pain whether the person you are buying the gift for works on a laptop, or is a mother who holds her kids, or does gardening on a daily basis or cycles 50 a miles a week.

No, not if want a therapist who knows how your lifestyle, daily stress, fatigue, insufficient movement or a lack of variety of movement (doing the same things over and over) will often contribute to these muscle tightness and imbalances. No, not if you want a therapist who can identify source of problem; not just source of pain; Regional Interdependence is a concept that says unrelated muscle impairments in a remote part of the body may contribute to your primary pain compliant.

Should I Get a Spa Massage?

Reason #2) Massage Benefits:

Yes, if you are looking to buy a “fluffy and oily feather-light” spa massage. Yes, if looking for a “signature relaxation spa type” massage gift certificate that is all presentation with 14-ply ultra plush terry robes and slippers to match. Yes, if you are looking for a pampering session verses a therapeutic session.

No, not if you looking to buy a gift for someone who sits in from of a computer all day and needs pain relief and suffering from a forward head posture. No, not if you recovering from an old nagging injury or had a recent surgery and need help to break-up scar tissue/muscle adhesion.

No, not if you are looking to keep up with your kids/grand kids and currently unable to do so because of stiff joints and tight muscles. No, not if you want to understand and know more why you are experiencing this muscle pain and dysfunction to begin with and want ways to overcome it.

Should I Get a Spa Massage?

Reason #3) Price and length of session:

Yes, if you want to spend on average between $135-$155 just for their “Signature Spa massage” and this may not include any deep tissue or specific muscle work at all. You also should note that your massage session will not even be a full hour. Most spa massages are only 50 minutes in length.